5.56mm collectors

Could anybody who collects 5.56mm military cartridges made in the U.S. tell me if proof rounds and also black tipped armor piercing rounds are hard to come by? Seems like I never see them for sale at shows. Tom

When you speak of “shows” do you mean a purely cartridge show or a more generic gun show?

Proof rounds, both military and commercial, are often available at almost any cartridge show, large or small. The military versions are are more common than the commercial loading’s.

True black tipped AP’s or penetrator rounds as with the proof loading’s are commonly found at cartridge shows. One should be aware that these a sometimes faked.

All of the shows in the Twin Cities of Minnesota are gun related. Some tables have boxes of cheap cartridges available to collectors like me. Some year I’ll have to make it to Saint Louis for the “big one”! Tom