5.56mm Guatemalan box


What kind of a lot number is this? I never saw a 1 digit lot number.



Do you mean that you’ve never seen a one digit number, ever, or only on those particular cartridges or boxes??



I just don’t remember a one digit number as a lot number without a year. I work in a production facility and our lot numbers are 1 letter and 7 digits long. If this ammunition facility makes only several lots a year, it makes sense, but usually there are many more lots of different products made.



But here the lot has 2 letters and 1 number.


Vlad - I do’t know any other way to answer your question than just to say that not every country uses the same system in lot numbers, or much else, for that matter. The box with the lot number has the full name of the military factory that made the ammunition on it, so there really is no particular need for the initials of it before the lot number, like FA does. I don’t know why they did it. Undoubtedly they had a reason for it, but on the surface, it doesn’t appear necessary.

I really don’t think there is any other real answer to you question than that - different strokes for different folks.

John Moss