5.56mm Hughes lockless unloaded case

Today at the ECRA meeting in the UK I found an unloaded case for the 5.56 Hughes Lockless cartridge in a box of various loose cases. This is the two halves of the plastic cartridge which have not yet been loaded or glued together. Did they use a standard 5.56 M193 Bullet? I would like to locate the correct bullet to put with the case. How common are these unloaded cases?

Thanks for any info.

I weighted one marked " INERT " with a non-magnetic GM-jacketed bullet & inerted (struck) nickel primer and a fired case with a struck primer but an aluminum primer pocket & the difference was 65.6 gr So I would think any GM-jackted 65 gr FMJ would be a reasonable fit.

How common ???, I’d say “hard to find”.

hope this is of help.

Thanks Pete, I will look for a US made 1970s 5.56 round for a bullet.

I asked how common they were as they are the type of item that one of the older, well-connected American collectors could have acquired a few hundred unloaded ones. So for all I knew, thay may have been common in the USA, but if they aren’t then of course it’s not a problem.

Hi Falcon

There are basically two types of cases, one which is 2-piece & was probably plastic-wielded or perhaps glued together, and a 4-piece which has the two main pieces clipped together by the two side pieces which ‘slide up & snap into place’ to complete the case.

Here in the US, all of these different Chiclets types & calibers seem to have come into the market & then were gone the next day, at lest my impression.

PS Chiclets was a form of chewing gum popular at one time here in the US & shaped much like the Hughes, only smaller. Don’t know if Chiclets were sold in the UK or not, still the explanation is free of charge.


see you at SLICS?

Thanks again Pete.

I have never seen Chiclets gum here in the UK, but there are similar types of gum you can get here.