5.56mm O.F.V. box contents?

Posting this for Peter Gorbenko.
5.56mm O.F.V. box contents?
The red rubber stamped X with dot makes one wonder if it maybe something like proof rounds instead of just Ball…
He would rather not break the cellophane tape seal.

Question from me; Is the seal original or just someone’s tape job?


Ordnance Factory Varengoan India.
Knowing the Indian punctiliousness (inherited from the British), I think this is normal 5.56 Ball ammo. Proof ammo would be marked as such, with its own Mark number.
Btw, OFV was set up by Olin Corp, and uses Ball powder, as part of a US aid program in the 1960s-70s.

The packet stamping also follows old British designs,
But the packing date is missing from the slot between the two horizontal lines. The red overstamp could indicate a Test lot before actual production was released from the factory.
As far as I know, India adopted 5.56 quite late…1990s or so…before that it was using 7.62 NATO and 7,62 x 39.
Doc AV
PS Indian 7.62 packets have NO tape…they simply close due to design. I suspect this 5.56 tape is owner or dealer applied.

Doc, there are OFV made 7.62x39 boxes with the same kind of tape applied. Those definately did not came through US sources.

I have the same box as Peter, which we both may have gotten from the same source. Mine also has the tape seal, which is broken.

Contents are 20, empty, unprimed, unheadstamped cases. Cases appear to be of good quality and have a long anneal discoloration for 1/2 of case length.

This explains the crossed out markings then.

Frank, are the cases Boxer or Berdan?