5,56mmx45 headstamp identify

5,56mmx45 Blank brass case, red primer annulus, headstamp “ST 06” recently founded in Switzerland.
I’m very interested in name of manufacturer and country of origin.


Royal Ordnance Factory, Steaton, England

On a 06 date code ? unlikely unless they rebuilt the factory without anyone noticing;-)
try Singapore Technologies
247 jalan boon lay singapore

Easy on the sarcasm, people; we all make errors. Please exercise discretion and diplomacy when correcting them.


Could it be
Selve, Munitionsfabrik Switzerland

[quote=“Ohms”]Could it be
Selve, Munitionsfabrik Switzerland[/quote]

Where it should be??
Selve was a brass fabricant near Thun, allied with Selve&Basse in Germany and never produced ammo by themself in Switzerland. They delivered a lot of brass to the ammunition Industrie…
The solely producer of ammo in Switzerland is now RUAG…


heh, I didn’t think year, only that I have seen this hs in some british mil ammo. ;)

Has this been positively identified yet, as Singapore Technology or Selve Metalfabrik?


Absolutely not Singapore Technology!!
The only 5,56mmx45 Blank of Chartered Industries Singapore is a plastic-blank
(Lindal Patent) with black case.
For more info : stengg.com/CoyCapPro/detail.aspx?pdid=144

The 5,56mmx45 blank round is possible made by the Schweizerische Munitionsunthernemung Thun (RUAG Ammotec).

Regards, Rob