5,56x45 F-AIR 50 Fiocchi Italy


This thing is NATO accepted?
At first I thought it was some whackadoodle homemade creation.

From what I can Google up, it seems to be short range training ammo.
Not as nasty as it first appears.

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On the left the 5,56x45 and the 7,62x51 Fiocchi F-Air. And the section of both.

12,7 & 5,56x45

I’m assuming that it creates drag.

If the rifle has right hand twist rifling, but the spirals in the projectile are left handed…
I wonder what that does to potential accuracy?
Thinking on this from a riflemans’ perspective.

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That is exactly the idea: the bullet becomes unstable sooner or later. The tumbling raises air drag much over that of an ordinary bullet. The extreme range (danger space) is much reduced.


Yes, that is a reduced range projectile.
It in effect despins the projectile, causing it to become unstable and start tumbling.
The added drag slows the projectile down rapidly, thus reducing its over all range.

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The Fiocchi site says 1/3 the range of regular ball ammo.