5.56x45 "GG B 5.56" headstamp


Which company made this? There is nothing on the box besides what you may see below for yourself.


That headstamp is a date code from Chartered Industries of Singapore. Since “G” is the 7th letter of the alphabet, it stands for “77.” That squares with the box label. The “B” is probably the month or quarter, in which case it would either be “February” or the second quarter of the year. I don’t recall if I have seen letters higher that “D” in that position. If so, then it would definitely be the month.

Lots of their 5.56 ammo was imported into the USA some years ago.

I note that the manufacturing date on the headstamp is from December. However, that could well be when the cases would have been “manufactured” into loaded ammunition. The headstamp would refer to the date the case was manufactured. However, it does leave open questions about the meaning of the letter “B” on the headstamp, and I readily admit that.

John Moss


I’m pretty certain the ‘B’ indicates this to be Boxer-primed…although whilst writing this I’m thinking that logically it could also stand for ‘Berdan.’


The CIS made 5,56 has a variety of Headstamps, with the “GA and GB” dates being Berdan Primed ( used by ADF in the early 1980s etc) whilst those (later)with "Gx and “B” are Boxer ( with a smaller than normal Flash hole diameter…normal decapping pins stick or break trying to decap these cases.)

an “ammo control” method for Anti-gun Singapore .

The “B” eventually disappeared on the “H” dated and later ammo, as by then the Berdan cases had long gone.

CIS was originally set up in the late 1960s with the assistance (machinery and technical) of Kynoch, making 7,62x51 and 5,56 ammo, both with Berdan primed cases. They shifted over to Boxer by the late 1970s, and now all their ammo products are Boxer Primed. They also make .50 cal as well (in the “J” range of Headstamp dates.)

The “CIS” corporate ID has disappeared, and there is a new corporation running it, in conjunction with share-holding by the Singapore Gov’t.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.