5.56x45 hs ID "DNL"

I just have seen this hs on 5.56x45:
12h: DNL
6h: 223 REM
It is possible that this is a blank case (had no chance to find out).

Is “DNL” Denel of South Africa or somebody else?

Alex, yes, it was made by Denel (Pty) Ltd. of South Africa and packed in 30 rd boxes labeled in English. The ball loading is described as “55gr FJBT”.

Fede, thanks a lot as usual!

Friends, here is the pictures of that cartridge

Best regards from Chile

Saludos amigos

Thank you Claudio!

And in 9mm x 19 also…


As mentioned on at least one other thread, the most current 9 mm Luger headstamp uses only a “D” as the factory designator. That ammo was sold in the United States recently.