5.56x45 M856 & M196


m856 with orange tip l110 projectile, cutaway the date, cant read. For m16ai for rifle twist 1-7, not for m16a2/3/4 800m burn.
m196 with red tip LC/67 450m burn, for 1-9 twist


I think you have your information reversed. The M-856 needs the 1:7 twist for the M-16-A2,3,4. The M-196 is also perfectly suitable for use in these rifles… It is when you use the M-856 in the slower twist barrels that you will have instability issues.



Nice sections, Wolfgang. By chance do you have sectional views of:

6.5x55 Tracer?
7.62x39 Tracer?


Thanks for the correction AKMS. I can cut them, but really don’t know anything about them. Was one of those people who wondered what these look like inside. Always looking for the correct info so I don’t look like a fool when talking about them Should definitly be done by professional, have had several go of in my hand.
For example, I just had to cut three 7.62x39 tracert to get one. Stanc, I will post in next couple days, just need to load from computer to photobucket. Don’t have any 6.5. After finding common tracers, its hard to find the uncommon.