5.56x45 mm Optimized

Defense Review has posted news about new 5.56 brown-tip cartridge:


Yuri, there are too many “redacted’s” in that text making the article kinda useless.

Sounds fishy to me - generally small arms ammunition information doesn’t need to be censored. If the Mk 262 OTM 5.56 is not classified, why should this be? Unless this is confirmed via official channels, I would say at most it is a rumor…

Note that Barnes produces the tsx “triple shock” 70 grain .223 bullet, which is entirely made of solid copper.

Some unscrupulous companies/individuals in the past have loaded commercial hunting/varmint ammunition and pushed them at high velocity, and called them “blended metal”/“Armor Piercing Limited Penetration” cartridges and claimed that the bullets they used were specially blended with a variety of metals that could “sense” hard or soft targets, in order to woo over military/le shooters and government funding. They claimed these cartridges were land warfare legal when in fact they were not, and were just hotly loaded commercially available bullets. I have a feeling this rumor might somehow be related to said companies… Otherwise, it could just be that someone in the supply chain is loading up 70 grain Barnes copper slugs, which would be interesting, as the MK 262 is available…