5,56x45 UK military range pickups

I found these today after a morning spent shooting on the STANTA complex in Thetford Forest in Norfolk. None of the cartridges were used by the civilians on the range today, most of that was steel cased Barnaul or Chinese ‘CJ’ marked stuff. There is a chance that some of it isn’t of recent military issue or use although the range where it was found isn’t much frequented by civilians.

Interesting to see the very recent Lithuanian headstamp.

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Peter, that right one is a great hs.
Made by “AB Giraites Ginkluotes Gamykla” in Kauno, Lithuania.

It’s interesting to see a couple of ‘daily proof’ cases - the two with the green p.a.'s. I was under the impression that only a very small percentage of service ammo was selected to be tested as daily proof and that most, if not all, would then be fired off by Radway Green. There seems to be a lot more of this being issued out of late. Hopefully TonyE can explain more.

These 5.56x45 cartridges made by GGG in 2012/13 are currently imported into the States by Arms Distribution International and their cans and boxes are specially marked for this company.

Fede, are any images available of these boxes?

Alex, here it is:

Fede, thanks again!

The GGG brand 5,56mm is very popular among AR shooters in the UK. It is from time to time available at Bisley and together with RUAG L21A2 much used for Civilian Service Rifle competitions (next one 7th december)

L17A2 seems to be the current issue 5.56mm, but quite what is different about it from previous marks I do not know. Possibly it is primer or powder supplier.

Jim - I would love to know what is going on at Radway Green at the moment about primer annulus colours. There are green p.a. on both ball and tracer in 5.56mm and also on 7.62mm. I have also seen black p.a. I am quite sure the green p.a. has nothing to do with the old meaning of daily proof though.

It is all very odd!