5.56x45mm Bosnia & Herzegovina


5.56x45mm steel core, ss109 projectile with air space, black tip. Headstamp half circle with ? in it/.223 Bosnia & Herzegonia, Lot # IK 03-01
Threw up a M855 green tip for comparison. A thread happened a couple months back discussing the purpose of the air space in the front of the projectile. What was the outcome?
Tom Warlow who wrote “Firearms, the law, and forensics ballistics” says that;
" A similar bullet is used in the more recent 5.45x39 ammo, which exhibits considerable greater destructive capabilities on hard steel plate than the older 5.56x45 ball which employs soft lead core. It has been suggested that the copper coated envelope with its airspace infront of the penetrator provides similar function as the 7.62 B2 incendiary with the thin copper ballistic cap."
Was this technology incorporated into the newest 5.56x45?


“A similar bullet is used in the more recent 5.45x39 ammo”[/quote]

Wolfgang, I wonder what calendar this person was using but this design is dating back to 1970 and in full scale production since 1974 and today likely out of production.


The airspace in the ss-109/M-855 is just part of the manufacturing process and was not designed to enhance performance like the airspace in the 5.45x39mm projectile was. Two very different designs with nothing in common other than they are small caliber…