5.56x45mm Duplex "LC 92"


Is there such a cartridge as 5.56x45mm Duplex with a yellow tip and “LC 92” headstamp? This cartridge is reportedly from “phase 4” testing of the ACR project and came on 10 rd. chargers.

Any info would be appreciated.



At work, but the short answer is “yes sir”…I will look for my photos of the Paul Smith sections I have of all the “phases”



Thanks Pepper. Any idea about this cartridge’s scarcity and/or value? I know it’s a subjective thing, but has anyone seen this particular cartridge for sale or auction?



Hi Rob - The duplex rounds I have from the ACR program range in date from 1985 (WCC85) for the long neck conical bullet prototype to 1988 (WCC88) for the red, yellow and plain tip variations. I’m not aware of any LC 92 dated duplex rounds. Looking forward to seeing it.



1992 sounds far too late for any ACR testing. I’m not aware that testing ever went to a Phase IV.

I wouldn’t trust its authenticity unless I could x-ray it.


ACR terminated in 1990. Any duplex cartridges with headstamps later than 1988 should be viewed with suspicion, and provenance questioned.

Possible that it could be from a later program, but not ACR.




I spoke too soon and need to check my headstamps…but was blinded by the attraction of confirming the color tip and the duplex existance…so “opps”