5.56x45mm H/S Verification

Is there anyone who is able to verify the existence of the two following 5.56x45mm H/S’s. I have only “rumored” information at this time and “YES” I’d love an example if you have any. Thanks in advance.

  WMA.......       Winchester, Oxford, Mississippi
  R.........          Ruag, replacing or supplementing the traditional "T" Thun H/S

Hi Frank
For the RUAG ctg, I have a blank load with hst 5.56x45 R - - 12E0200. I know one other lot number for the same kind of loading.
Keep on looking,

Frank, check this earlier thread: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14586

My thanks to both Jeff and Fede for taking the time and providing their information.and setting the record straight regarding
the “R” h/s.
With their help and the help of a couple of other collectors I have been able to add almost twenty new or revised 5.56x45mm h/s’s
to help update Ron Fuchs’s great work. Best day so far was yesterday, Feb.27th. I was able to add four confirmed new items to the list.