5.56x45mm Headstamp

Anyone know what a headstamp of “C J 6” means on a 5.56 case? It’s brass, and is apparently military surplus. The letters are equally spaced out in a triangular pattern. I take it that this is from Norinco, but I don’t know what the “6” means. The primer has a 3-point crimp. The projectile is 55gr and happens to be a red/black tip bullet which is APT, did Norinco actually make anything like this? Haven’t got a photo unfortunately.

CJ is Norinco… as for the “6” Maybe a misstamp of the year, or military load designation?

Here is a case that I found… regular 55gr ball and no primer crimp. It also had a silver primer.

I have the same round in my collection. It is listed in “223 Remington: A Listing of Known Cartridges” by Ron and Ron J. Fuchs (set of 6 CDs with loads of information on this cartridge) as a fake/reload. He reports that it was made in Spokane WA and is an SS-109 projectile with the base drilled out to accept a tracer mixture.

Unfortunately I don’t know the meaning of the “6”. The CD lists headstamps with single-digit codes from C J 0 through C J 9. This is just speculation, but maybe it’s the last digit of the year of production?

I hope this helps!

Thanks two_az, I figured as much. I originally noticed the cartridges here: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=108751384 Something didn’t smell right.

The CJ headstamp is one of the “commercial” headstamps used by Norinco for its brass,5,56 ammo for export sale (USA and Australia, etc)
They started this during the 1980s, with the Deng Xiao-ping economic reforms. CJ is the headstamp of the An-Jin Light Industries Corporation, a known manufacturer of .22rf, 12 gauge shotshells, and export CF ammo in brass cases. It is located near Jinan, the provincial capital of Shandong province (“Shantung”). The plant is actually owned by the PLA, and Norinco is the “Holding Entity” (Norinco is a PLA creation)

The ammo is loaded following M193 design specs, but is nowhere as good as US or European made M193…but it works.
Usually found packaged in one of several Norinco type 20 round packets (Blue and White, Yellow, etc); Different layout packaging usually denotes different factories within the Norinco Empire. The coded “6” etc designations were used in early production. The “CJ” designation is also applied to the Chinese clone of the M16, also made ? by An-Jin.

Now they simply use the two digit year indication.
I have only seen Ball ammo (but then, if one wanted tracer, it could be ordered for “military” usage).

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Are the CWS 7.62x51 cases with the “CJ” headstamp also made at the An-Jin factory that made the brass cased 5.56 shown?