5.56x45mm M855 From ZSR, Turkey

5.56 x 45mm M855 ZSR Turkey, 2018. a

Bullet is not magnetic at the tip but attracts a magnet half way down the bullet from the tip.

Brian, thank you for sharing!!!
Looks very PPU or maybe Igman…

I know from experience that the worst ammo, in this case 7.62 NATO, to shoot came from Turkey, Venezuela, and India. Other than collecting I would never cycle ammo from those countries again. I’ll admit the 5.56 shown looks pretty nice and clean though…

Interesting…some of the best ammo I’ve used has come from Turkey and India. Just goes to show how different lots from the same sources can vary widely in quality and consistency.

I would state the worst surplus ammo I have fired was from Turkey and especially India.
I think it is a LOT thing, as some love Indian 7.62x51mm, and the lot I received was garbage.

Brian, great pictures, Thanks!

Primed case certainly made by Igman. From what I have seen so far, they don’t have case manufacturing capacity in 5.56x45, 7.62x39, 7.62x51 and shotshells, only loading, but they do in 9x19 (full case and bullet process). They also manufacture the primers.



I have shot hundreds of rounds of Venezuelan (CAVIM) 7.62 NATO and 9 mm Parabellum and found it accurate. When I had the rifles, the CAVIM 7.62 ball ammunition shot rings around U.S. Miilitary Martch ammunition, at 100 yards anyway, and functioned perfectly in three different FAL Rifles (Belgian, Australian and Israeli) and in M1As, both service grade and Match grade. It was, far and away, my favorite factory ammo for that calibers. While no more accurate (probably due to my shooting - I was a good pistol shot, but not a great one) than others, the 9 mm from CAVIM was 100 percent reliable and worked my Browning GP Mark III and my “byf 41” Luger pistol.

We sold thousands of rounds of both calibers at the gun shop I worked at in downtown San Francisco, and I don’t recall ever having a problem or complaint from customers with any of it.

Edited to correctly form the past tense of “worked” concerning my employment at the gun shop as it closed at about the turn of the century (1999/2000) and I retired.

John Moss [

Yes, my experience with Venezuelan (CAVIM) 7.62 NATO, is the same as John’s.