5.56x45mm U.A.E.box


How about this Arab box? Is the lot number “am 1258”? If it is, why in the world is it in the back? It needs to be in front next to “Lot No.”.


AM1258 is just the Index number, which is the manufacturer’s reference number. The lot numbers would supposedly be stamped on the front either by hand (rubber stamp) or from another machine. The lot numbers might have varied depending on the customer, and so would need to be applied just before shipping. Maybe this one was factory surplus that went unsold?


It is also possible that the lot number is included in the Bar Code. I have noted that some companies that used to have lot numbers on their boxes do not since they instituted bar codes. Of course, that doesn’t explain why they let the word “LOT” on the label.

John Moss


Very nice box Vlad!! do you have a spare one?



Harry, I sent a PM to you.