5.56x45mm with NATO cross and 04 headstamp -?

I came across some green tip 5.56 on stripper clips in 3 clip cardboard sleeves that has only the NATO cross and 04 on the headstamp, nothing else.

Any ideas as to who the mfg is?

I’d say without seeing a picture that it is IMI, Israeli Military Industries.

Sorry, can’t post a pic as my camera is broken.

What should I look for?

New camera?

Don’t give up your day job for a gig at the comedy club :)

Chris, I’m going by my notes.

I guess that you need to compare the rounds you have with any other IMI rounds and if they look and feel similar then I’ve guessed correctly :)

edited to add:

Brass case and Primer (+) at 12 o’clock and 04 at 6 o’clock

Wasn’t there an earlier thread about this headstamp? I am not good at choosing how to use the search engine on this Forum, as I get so many entries for anything I put in, I might as well just search each page. No time for that.

John, you’re not the only one to have not mastered the art of “searching” ;)

Yes, in a previous thread these were identified as a product of IMI.


I’ve always had trouble with Search Functions too. But just recently Tailgunner Bob posted a way to use them without getting 1,000,000 hits. Here it is. It works!

Search functions usually use something called “Boolean logic”, and see each word in a string as a separate search term. However there are a couple of “modifiers” you can use to cut down the number of results.
UK 7.62 NATO is 3 terms, and will return ALL posts that contain ANY of the 3 terms. IOW it’s an OR function, A or B or C
UK+7.62+NATO while still 3 terms, will only return those posts that contain ALL the terms (regardless of order) IOW it’s an AND function, A and B and C
"UK 7.62 NATO" (in quotes) is 1 term, and only those posts that contain that EXACT phrase will be returned.


The search function even gets me from time to time, and I am a professional computer geek! I’ll hastily enter some terms and only when I have many pages of results do I realize that I forgot to check the “search for all terms” box.

I’m not familiar with configuring phpBB forums, but I wonder if there’s any way to change the default search to “search for all terms”. I would bet that most people who enter multiple terms want to perform that kind of search.

I think I found the thread:


Thanks all.