5,6 & 5,6 R Vom Hofe

Hello to everybody, I hope all of you are OK, I helping updating municion.org web, I´m doing this Vom Hofe calibers but the pictures in the old web are not very defined, can someone send me some photos (cartridge and headstamp) to use in the web? you can post it here or sen me an email to jackpot_239@hotmail.com.

Best regards and thank so much in advance!


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I can see if I can get better photos outside tomorrow if the sun is out and it is not snowing

Here are a few.
5,6 & 5,6R

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Thank so much for your pictures guys! krag56, your collection is awsome, but I can´t use your pictures with all cartridges together, if you can post a picture of each one, or at least more separeted I will be so glad with you.

Best regards and thank again!


cztrouba, I really like how you shot the pictures, maybe with better ligth will be awesome.

Best regards and thank you!


I took these outside, might be a little better. I’m limited by cheap camera and not much skills.
edited to correct also poor spelling skills

it looks to me as if your allowing the camera or yourself to cast a shadow on to the subject. You should be able to see this in the viewfinder & move something (you or the subject) to eliminate it.

Your best light (soft without harsh shadows or reflections) will be coming through a window, no need to go outside.

If you stand the cartridges up and look straight on to them, with the background a foot or so away, the cartridges wiil show up better, or if not, maybe you can put up something white to reflect light back into the dark areas.

Pete & Jack
Thanks for the tips. I’ll give them a try tomorrow.

Cztrouba, the pictures are very good, don’t worry about do new photos, thank so much!


If someone have a picture of ammo box I will be very pleased of use it, I try to find some in webs, but when I asked for permission to use it in the web, the one that answered me tells me they sell the rigth of the image for $ 175 USD!!

Hi Diego,
Here are the photos of the packaging of the 5,6x61R vHofe SE.
The packaging is part of my own collection and you can use the photos for your web page.



Thank so much Richard!! very nice pictures, I think add boxes can be a great complement for the web, do you have any cartridge that belongs that box?

I am very grateful with the help of all of you, I think that we can get something good that we can see for all of us.

Best regards…


Other difficult that I find with this caliber is the dates, I read the dates for “N N” headstamps and similar, but I think will be great add a chart dates, if some one can help me i will be so gratefull.

Best regards and thanks again.


The pic is very good, can you tell me some about the cartridge? Things like if is made of brass, is magnetic, bulle type & weight, that details are very interesting, I hope don’t distub you with all that question, bu I think this information is so usefull.

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Here`s one I have,if you need another picture…Pete.IMG_3496

5.6x61R vom Hofe Super Express
Bullet type: “Teilmantel Spitz mit Verdekter Holspitz” - not magnetic
Bullet weight = 5 grams
Vo = 1060 m / s
V100 = 948 m / s
V200 = 848 m / s
V300 = 760 m / s

E0 = 2807 Joules
E100 = 2246 Joules
E200 = 1795 Joules
E300 = 1442 Joules

Gas pressure 3300 bar

I cannot help you regarding the letter code on the headstamp. I expect this to be a code for the year of manufacture. I have the combinations “MM” and “KT”

5,6x61R v Hofe SE headstamp


Here are what I consider the most accurate lists of DWM Headstamp Date codes published:

These were taken from the article DWM – An Extended Post-WW2 Date Code Sequence? in IAA Journal 529 (Sep/Oct 2019)

The “M M” and “K K” codes on vom Hofe cartridges (as mentioned above) are part of the Post-WW2 (IWK) sequence - Table 5…

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People, serius, YOU ARE AWESOME!!! thank so so much!! Pictures, information, what more I can wish?

I think we can create a very cool recopilation of info.

Best regards and thank you again.


Krag56, you have a great collection, can you send some individual pictures? The short bullet one, for example, is interesting, although I preffer using all rounds of your photo.

Best regards.