5.6 * 52

Here are two 30 Nato necked down to 223.
One is with a normal primer, the other one with electric primer;
Normal one : total length 65.0 mm, hstp WCC 55
Electric one : total length 66.5 mm , hstp WCC 54

which one is the scarcest ? (I think the electric primer one).
Why the bullets are different?


The correct designation for those cartridges is Cal .22 For Light Rifle, 7.62 mm Case, SALVO PROJECT. They are pre-NATO. The longer bullet is the 54 grain M2 Homologous and the shorter is the Sierra 68 grain M1 Homologous. There is a very recent thread that discusses them in detail.

The electric primed is the most valuable.

The question, “What rifle fired the electric primed cartridges?” is still to be answered on this FORUM.