5.6 Bosquette / 5.6 Longue Portee Headstamp Checklist

I would like to know which headstamps are known in this caliber. I have:

Your hstps are :

  1. Marcel Gaupillat
  2. Cartoucherie Francaise
  3. SFM (Gevelot Gaupillat)
  4. Eichel (RWS)
    About which caliber do you want to know manufacturers : 5.6 Bosquette or 5.6 longue portee ???
    They are two different calibers.

About 5.6 longue portee I have in my collection : SFM and Cartoucherie Francaise.
They exist in many loadings : ball, shot blank.

About 5.6 Bosquette:
MF (Manufrance)
Eichel (RWS)
Ace of spade (Cartoucherie Francaise)
and so on