5.6 x 17mm Czech auto pistol

Can anyone please give me the proper designation for a cartridge from the Czech Republic that is basically a .32 auto pistol (7.65mm Browning) round necked down into a bottle-necked .22 (5.6mm)?

Headstamp is "S&B

Hallo John.

That cartridge has name " 5.7 mm Primula". He develop in the year 2000 in cooperation “J & W” (I don’t know which man these signature indicate). Tendency was usage cheap and common cartridge case from 7.65 mm Brovning and readjustment for all common bullets in calibre .22".Cartridge is in caregory Wildcat and arms for this cartridge is very little , nevertheless person, that the this cartridges makes actively supply collector market. Ideal for construction hereof cartridge was older German similar wildcat.
Except variants, that the you describe there, has been yet design shot cartridge - cartridge case is close to the eight-star and head is varnished red. Cartridges is loaded smal lead shots with diameter 1.25 mm and weight hereof variant is 3.81 gramme.


Vit - thank you, my dear friend. I have heard that name “Primula” regarding a cartridge, but did not associate it with the three I have. Now, I must find the shot cartridge!

Vit - I have been looking at these 5.7 Primula rounds, and have some more questions. Firstly, what brought this on is I am just starting to catalog cartridges I have received over the last two years. The problem with my delay is now I don’t remember what type of cartridges some were, as I, for one who loves documentation, am very stupid about not taking notes at shows like St. Louis when I acquire rounds. I am sure I will remember what they are, and yet every year it is the same, I don’t always remember them.

Your mention of a shot load with a red base and an 8-lobe rosebud crimp came to mind when I started to catalog a new 7.65 Browning “blank” made by Sellier & Bellot. It is a short case - 16.47mm overall including the rounded top and rosebud crimp. That is the overall length of the cartridge. The crimp is sealed with a blue lacquer over the entire length of the rounded, crimped portion. The base is lacquered all red. It has 8 lobes as you described for the 5.7 Primula Shot Cartridge.

Now, two problems. The total weight of the above cartridge is 3.62 grams. This is quite a bit heavier than a Sellier & Bellow nornal .32 auto blank I have, which is 20.98mm in overall cartridge length and weighs only 3.28 grams. This would give some indication that the 8-lobe short blank I have, the crimp of which comes at the same height as the shoulder of the 5.7 Primula ball round and could actually act as the shoulder of that caliber, is the Shot cartridge in question. However, the “blank” I have in 5.7 Primula, with green mouth wad and all-green base weighsd 3.98 grams, even more that the 8-lobe crimped round! Secondly, the 8-lobe crimped round has a much older headstamp "

Three 5.7 Primula cartridges, left to right: Ball, Blank (Loading in
question - perhaps shot?), Dummy. The fourth round from the left is
possibly part of this series but has an earler style headstamp than the
others (“SBP” rather than the later style “S&B”). It is lighter in
weight than what I believed to be the blank. Further, it may have
absolutely nothing to do with the Primula series, even though the
rounded nose crimp begins at the same place as the shoulder of the
Primula cartridge. Hopefully, one of our Czech friends can identify not
only the rose-crimped cartridge, as to exactly what caliber it is
intended for and what type of load it is - shot or blank - and can tell
us if the short-necked “blank” might not actually be the Shot load,
since it is a bit heavy for a blank.

Collection of John Moss

In the July/August 1977 issue of American Handgunner, Andy Barton published an article about a .22/32 ACP wildcat named the .22 Flea. It was designed by Dave Corbin (the bullet swaging tool guru).


Thank you. I will look it up. this cartridge is not the Flea, but I don’t recall seeing the article. I have every issue of that magazine, so no problem.

I have heard of the Flea before, and wish I could find someone who makes it to get one. I have a .22/.25 Auto and a …22/.32 auto round made up by a customer I had. He was a tool and die maker and made all his own forming dies, as well as barrels for his Colt pre-war .25 auto and for his 1910 FN-Browning auto. I got one of each of those from him. I collect wildcat auto pistol cartridges, and have a few like the .38/45, the 9mm Super Cooper, etc., but there are many I don’t have that received publicity when they first came out.

John: Just checked Ed Reynolds list and he has the 22 flea available in various headstamps.

Thank you. I will check it out.

I am afraid that the I can’t fully supply yours suspension.
Only several notice:

  • Abouth this catridges isn’t published any relevant literature or information.
  • Cartridges isn’t from factory or similar production.
  • Hasn’t no sense deal with headstemps, because cartridges are producing from cartridge case gather to on shooting - ranges