5.6 X 50 Magnum


Here is a 5.6 X 50 Magnum with a very sharp neck
What is it please ?



What is case length?



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What is case length?

CASE LENGTH : 49.5 mm



The reason I asked for the CL is because there are a couple of US Benchrest cartridges made from the 222 Remington Magnum (47mm) with 40 and 45 degree shoulders that are very similar to the one you have.

I know that some shooters used the full length 5.6x50 brass because they could get a little more case capacity and velocity. I believe that is what you have.

Some shooters also trimmed the 5.6x50 case to 47mm because the RWS 5.6x50 brass was better quality than the Remington.

I don’t know if there is a name for yours, it is most likely named for the shooter who designed and used it. The 222 Rem Mag cartridges are called the 22-40 and 22-45. Since yours has what appears to be a 40 degree shoulder I would call it a 5.6x50-40 if it was mine.

Sorry I cannot help more.



The shape of the cartridge looks like an ackeley improved or a JDJ one,but I have no record about cartridges made by these guys reforming 5.6 x 50 cases.
I think Ray will be much more helpful than me