5.6 x 52R .22HP Czech Box Age Help

My first time here
I mainly collect ammo that fits in with my Savage 1899 Rifle Collection
Living down under in New Zealand early ammo is mainly of American manufacture
Today I happened on 4 Boxes Pinky orange in colour 10 rounds per box
with Povazske Strojarne
over Povazska Bystrica
on a white label
The label also has Amorce Primer with a symbol the same as on the primer
Have been hunting all over the net to no avail
to try and establish a period of manufacture
Any info would be of great help thanks in advance

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Welcome Kiwi

Povaske Strojarne produced sporting ammunition from c1948 until 1954.

Thanks for that info
Narrows it down to a short period
Have been reading through the threads well a few
Some great info and knowledge on this forum glad I stumbled across it

I can narrow it down a bit more because a PS catalog states that the 5.6x52R will be introduced in Spring 1949 ( our Autumn).

Even better
Great when you find people with the info
Many thanks

The symbol on the primers means T3 and is their version of the non-corrosive non-mercury Sinoxid primer mix. The earliest mention of T3 I have seen is on a drawing dated 14 July 1939 (which is after the German occupation).

So they must have continued using those primers
That’s interesting they must have been of good quality

PLS can you check the bullet die on your cartridges? Original 22 HP should have .227 dia (like 5.6x61 SEvH); later on they have started loading 5.6x52R with .224 dia bullets and the accuracy of original Savage rifles has been gone…Thx T.

I tried the Vernier on the projectile at the top of the case it gave me .2215 dia
I tried it on these old Winchester and they read .2235 dia so not that accurate
to get a true reading I would have to pull the projectile I think

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On a separate note how do you date these boxes
I was told that the numbers in the bottom right ( 9-15 )
was the date but the label on the top has of the box has ( 3-23 )
I understand that it was about 1923 that Winchester changed their box design
Could it be that they just used up old labels

WBD: This thread led me to have a look at the label from a ten round box of 7.9 m/m sporting cartridges produced by PS. Label has no indication priming is non-corrosive and the Narodni Podnik phrase is missing. My impression was this box was of postwar manufacture, so does it predate the box of .22 High Power? Jack


I would like to see the box labels if possible as it always helps. Does it look like this one and what is the hs ?


So just to be clear: All “PS” boxes should be post-WW2. The vast majority of PS sporting boxes show that the T3 primer is used (as per Kiwi’s images) and the vast majority of PS cases were loaded with T3 primers.

However, note that a significant amount of PS sporting ammunition does not have the “T3” marked primer. Some look like the same primer but without the “T3” markings so maybe actually the anti-corrosive type. Others have a domed cupro-nickel (?? ) unmarked primers.

I have no reason to doubt Jochem’s info that the T3 primer was first used by the Zbrojovka Brno business c1939 and well before the PS firm was operating. Even though the T3 primer is known in both “M incircle” and “Z” sporting cases and it is difficult to be sure whether these were reloads or late factory use of such cases ??

So what I am saying is that it is likely that PS used both T3 and the older corrosive primers together for some time and maybe right up to 1954 and I doubt whether you could date a PS box based on whether it used the T3 primer or not.?

Not exactly helpful but quite typical for our “hobby”.

see the following for a discussion on the T3 primer: https://forum.cartridgecollectors.org/t/povazske-strojarne-t3-non-rusting-corrosive-primers/13601

WBD: All I have now is the box label I soaked off and an ornate circular green and white seal with the firm name. I think the box you’ve posted here is the same but will check. I can’t believe I failed to save one single round but such is the case. Thanks much. Jack

I misspoke about the box label; it is just as WBD’s image and includes the wording Narodni Podnik. The round label has the PS and PB legends along with Narodni Podnik. I think the circular label secured a flap on the opposite side from that on which the depicted label is found. Jack

Is the round label like this Jack.


Kiwi - there are two PS hs variations of this caliber as below, which is yours ?


I would like to get a better image of the one on the right if anyone has one ?


Jack, what caliber is this box for? Is it dated?

It is exactly like the one on the left

Thanks Kiwi

EOD: The label I have is identical to the one for 8x57 WBD displayed earlier. The round label is also the same as the one just pictured. I kept only the labels. Jack