5.66x39 APS - HELP

I need help with this.
I got this cartridge.
I have doubts about its originality.
At the base it has a kind of black paint. The headstamp can not be read.
I had never seen this projectile. I think it’s very short.

I appreciate your help
(My English is not good. Sorry!!!)

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Here is a comparison with a 4.5x40R SPP.

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I think this is a blatant fake.

Hola Martín,

Yes, Alex is right, it is a bad fake and was made in Argentina in the late 90’s. It uses a commercial case, I think headstamped with the Barnaul logo, that was one of the few cartridges in this caliber available in quantity in this country. The maker owned an APS rifle that came with the Russian exhibitors for one of the gun shows held in the early 90’s. There was another guy involved doing the distribution, as it usually happens with most fakes.

Un abrazo,


PS: Linda regla…

Thanks EOD and Fede!
I imagined that it was false, but I had a small hope.

Closed topic. Thank you very much!!!

PD: lo siento pero la regla no esta a la venta