5.66x39mm MPS & 4.5 x 40mmR SPS Russia Underwater Cartridge Dummy Rounds?

Notice the longitudinal case indentations, red arrow in photo above is pointing to one indentation. Typical of Russian dummy cartridges. Pictures I’ve seen of other 5.66x39mm cartridges don’t have these indentations so is this a dummy/training round?

Image source:5.66 x 39mm MPS Russia Under Water, 2018.pdf (553.0 KB)


Most probably.

Just noticed the same for the a 4.5 x 40mmR SPS cartridge, note the longitudinal indentations in the cartridges cases shown below

Image source: 4.5 x 40mmR SPS Russian Underwater, 2018.pdf (606.4 KB)


Brian, yes, these are all dummies.

Thanks Alex!

And beware of non-Russian dummy cases of 5.45x39 with bullets removed and inserted fired 5.66 bullets to feature Russian and other countries’ dummies!!!

Also beware of 4.5x40R steel cases!

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What should I be looking for on the 4.5x40R steel cases?o

Just the fact (being steel) itself is questioning it. By now no original steel cases were ever seen.
The fake I saw was lathe turned and almost black in laquer.

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I believe that the 5.66mm has 4 types, the MPS, the MPS-T (tracer), MPS-V (?), and MPS-GS (Dummy). Heard that the GS is rare even in Russia.

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Dummies are very rare (though I am not sure if MPS-GS is correct as that could have been confused with the case material indicator).
The MPS-T seems was never adopted by the Russians and are even scarcer.

No idea what the MPS-V shall be.

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Dummy - MPS-U (MPS-V may be wrong name MPS-U)