5,6x33,5 SR polish pyrotechnic


I search info about

5,6x33,5 SR - this was not ammo but pirotechnic component from needle fuze. This was used before IIWW in polish army.

Exactly looking for headstamps






Pjotr, what was the fuze used with and what is the designation?


It was used by sapper/engineer for demolition.

End case this was put into explosion primer (wz.28) with added detonating cord.


in IAA Journal nr 456 (2007) was wrong write about this as subcaliber device for polish 37mm antiank gun.

But before was write in Cartridge Researcher no.462 (2003) (I’dont have this, maybe you?)


Pjotr, you say detcord, did you maybe mean safety fuse and the mechanizm was/is a fuse lighter?
As a detcord fuze would need a detonator to go with.

You certainly know the data in this book:
“Polska Amunicja Strzelecka 1919-2004”, by Franczyk, 2005

For all those not aware of the content there:


:) i have too this book

Exactly this needle fuze have multifunctional function:

  • with Bickford cord was functional as delay fuse
  • with detonation primer and detonating cord as detonator
    and was used in antipersonal mine too as detonator (detomation primer put in exploding material)


That makes sense then. So the version with the case was for the safety fuse.


Hi Piotr, this igniter-cartridge seems to be an evolution of an earlier model that has a 45 mm long case and a friction primer (wire, pull-type). Rim and head dimensions of this model are about 9 and 7 mm.

Besides Polish made cases with a 33.5 mm length, unmodified 5.6x35R Vierling cases were also used for this purpose -I assume that this was before local production took place- and I know of such an specimen headstamped B.STAHL ★. This could be another explanation for the origin of the Polish case and its obvious dimensional similarities with the Vierling/Hornet case.

More details of the percussion primed model discussed in this thread (1937 manual):




Thank you for the information.
It’s an interesting track.

I was track but without linking it to this moment (look an primer is deeply dented)


What is strange is that before IIWW no production of hunting ammunition in this caliber (and others too), that is it was only the military production when we speak about polish case.


I can understand the comparison between this “Polish Priming Device” (as it is called in the ECRA Dataviewer) and the 5.6x35R Vierling/22 Hornet because they do look similar. However, the dimensions for the Polish blank given in the ECRADV show a c7.1/8.3mm head and rim diameter respectively and if correct differ significantly from the larger c7.5/8.8mm of the Vierling/Hornet case.

This is interesting because the c7.1/8.3mm head/rim are the same dimensions of the rare G.Roth 6.5x37R Austrian (ESC T69) case which is known in several examples with “GR///*/” hs but has no known Roth case#. This case type is also the basis of the 5x37R Roth tool cartridge with the red/orange base whose purpose has been debated but may well be another priming/ignitor blank. This was first shown in Tillinghast auction #5 and is also in the ECRADV as 5x36.5R Roth unknown.

Maybe there is a relationship in purpose between the 5x36.5R and 5.6x35.5R blanks ? Note that the shoulder starts in the same position (c21.5mm from base) in both cases. Even the 6.5x37R has been speculated as being an Artillery Blank ?