5,6x39 PROOF round

This is a PROOF round correct?

Yes it is

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I agree - I have the same “red X” marking on a 9 mm Finnish commercial proof round I got at Mauser, Oberndorf on a trip there in 1972, organized by our dear friend (RIP) Manfred Buetter, who as I recall lived in Rosenfeld, just outside of Oberndorf. They were making the post-war Luger Pistols (Pistolen Parabellum) at the time.

John Moss

The red cross , or X, was standard mark for Proof rounds (some exceptions, like red stripes, blue stripes on various calibers).
Here the Box for the 7,62x39
Finnland, Proof, rote Kreuz auf cws russian-ungew lack-

Kala-beschuss-roter Boden Kala-beschuss-roter Streifen

Sometimes they (re)used russian cases, as shown in the hs…

The 7,62x54R was the same:


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