5.7 MMJ cartridge and box

Yesterday I found this cartridge . As I was buying some new Hornaday factory cartridges I saw a yellow stick-it on a cartridge box off to one side saying "22 carbine $ 4 each " .
I said “I’ll take one of those please” and continued on to the other tables. When I got home later I found the photo of that box and that I’d found another treasure.
The motto of this story is to not be in such a hurry…

hs L C 6 9

searching ".22 Spitfire " I found these case diamensions which match my round.

neck dia. = .253"
Shoulder diameter = .332 in
Base diameter =.353 in
Rim diameter =.356 in
Case length =1.291
Overall length =1.637
weight = 128 grains
loaded with .224 Sierra 40 gr semi-point bullet