5.7 x 56 (303 necked down to 22)


Hstp of the left one : none
hstp of the right one : RAL 27 VII

I thought the one with RAL 27 Hstp was a 303/22 Vickers.
But the other one was given to me as 303/22 Training made in a British arsenal !!!
Any info apprecied


The round on the right, R^L 27,is one of the three types of experimental .303/.22 rounds developed for training with the Vickers gun. The others are a lead bullet with a copper gas check and a solid aluminium bullet. The aluminium bullet is the scarcest as it was found to have penetrating characteristics and punched through the 1/4 inch steel backplates found on most army indoor ranges. It was soon rejected and the lead type produced. This suffered from leading in the barrels so a gas check was developed. In the end, none of these were adopted.

The round on the left is probably commercial. I do not think it is one of the Vickers series. There are any number of .303/,22 wildcat cartridges around, many of them Australian and Canadian. However, without a careful examination one cannot be sure.

There was one other .303/.22 round developed, which was part of the high velocity trials carried out in Canada during WW2.





Checking my cabinet I found the aluminium bullet you are talking about.
And you are right they are many wilcats also because I found 2 other 303 necked down to 22 !!
one with 56 mm length again but with a different case shape
another one 50 mm long!

People like to do wilcats I guess.


If you are disposing of some of your collection Jean-Pierre I would be interested in trading/buying the aluminium bullet version, Unfortunately I cannot be in Holland for the ECRA show next month but if you are interested contact me direct. I think you have my e-mail address.