5.75 x 29.5 R Velodog INSIDE primed


I have a cartridge what looks the same as the 5.75 x 29.5 R Velodog. The measures are the same also. Normaly all the velodog cartridges I have seen are centrefire cartridges.
This one has a hidden primer.
Is there any info about a Velodog with a hidden primer or is this a different cartridge what looks very te same as a Velodog.

on the left the hidden primer. On the right the normal seen Velodog (centrefire)


I have the following info, the velodog had 4 primer types: Boxer dia .175", 2 hole Berdan, Center-hole Berdan and Inside so I would say the cartridge you have is a Velodog.


Thanks Simon for the quick answere.



Manufactured by:
Cartouches a Balle
Poudre san Fumee

Capsulerie Liegeoise
Ance Firme: V. FRANCOTTE, MAY & Cie
20, Quai Orban - Liege

Off a green half cover 2-piece box with a pink label (only on the top)


Thanks Pete,

Good additional info.