5,75 x 30 Velodog

Not very common in Europe, I have just found it searching for another cartridge …

It is a 5,75x30 Velodog, a poor, poor shot. Centerfire.

There are two theories about its name:

1.- Mini revolver for ciclysts (Velo= bicycle in french) to defend from dogs.
2.- Velo (city) and (bull) dog, the famous revolvers, as this revolver was faster to shoot than a bulldog. I do not like this version, but who knows …

No headstamp.

The first explanation is the good one. These guns and cartridges were developped to give to the cyclists a protection against roving dogs…In this times cycle users, sometimes known as “velocipedists” (!) were only in their teething period!

I just wonder what should think of this the many existing leagues for the defense of animal welfare that we have to-day!!!

Contrarily about what you state, this cartridge is quite common here, being still made in the late 40ies by SFM, and even later on by Giulio Fiocchi, Lecco, in their line of obsolete ammo.

A very lousy caliber, with a long case, but very poor ballistics over 5 to 6 meters!

The small Velo Dog revolvers, (sometimes also called Velo-Mith in Germany), mostly with a folding trigger, were generally made in Li