5.75mm French Experimentals

I have a couple of unknown cartridges here, that appear to use the same projectile. I am loath to pull them to be sure. Just curious if anyone can identify them in any way. I believe they are French - they look very Velo-Dogish - similar to the .22 Velo-Dog Auto but bullets are different diameters and these are round nose (also cases are much longer/larger).

The auto cartridge is a standard 7.65mm Browning case (SFM headstamp) and the rimmed case looks like a new type to me (and is not headstamped).

I am inclined to think they are somehow related, as maybe in different timelines of an experimental caliber/weapon development project but that’s simply a guess. Both bullets are 0.226" / 5.75mm

Auto: OAL: 0.992" / 25.3mm, Case: 0.680" / 17.3mm
Rimmed: OAL: 0.982" / 25.0mm, Case: 0.695" / 17.65mm

Anyone have a glimmer?

5%2C7%20x%2017mm%20SR%20SFM%20Experimental%20-%20case%20side%20view%20(V) 7mm%20Rimmed%20Unknown%2C%20FMJ%2C%20GM%2CLong%20blunt%20round%20nose%2C%20Copper%20washed%20case%2C%20fbp%20-%20case%20side%20view%20(V)

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The straight case looks like it might be something, but the bottle-necked case appears VERY fishy. Never heard of or seen either.

Looking to the quality of neck forming die (each side has different angle :)) I would say it’s another project of Krejci Kutna Hora or similar crackpot. This 32 cal case has been formed in 5.56 die and as the .32 rim is smaller than the conical/cylindrical part of 5.56 case - the creature is not coaxial. Exactly the same like 5.7 Primula products.
Second one is nothing else than shortened Velodog case. You can see the patina on the case and quite fresh brass where the case was trimmed.
The only “value” are those 2 Velodog projectiles.