5.75x30Rmm VELO-DOG

5.75x30Rmm Velo-Dog

These two fired cases were removed from a wall-hanger pistol in Portugal last week. I offered to clean them up, identify them, and then return them to the owner with that information. They are completely out of my collecting field but I think that I have correctly identified them (the headstamp was a pretty good clue). Dimensions measured, in millimetres, from both cases are:

Case length 29.35


I don’t know about the cases (other than they are Velo-Dog) but want to comment on Muriatic acid. It sounded like you have not used it before. If this is not news to you, just ignore what I’m saying. But maybe others who have not used it can learn something.

Yes, it is the same as Hydrochloric. I think the name “Muriatic” sounds less threatening than Hydrochloric. Anyway, I buy mine at Ace Hardware in gallon jugs. I think it’s about 35% solution. Comes in handy for cleaning lots of things around the estate. We had a big forest fire several years ago and my house was “slurried”. The only thing that removed some of the red dye was diluted muriatic.

You do need to be careful using it. The fumes can knock you on your butt and it will instantly disolve certain things, like concrete, shoes, skin, and your Sunday suit, so test a small area before proceeding. It’s always best to dilute it with water (pour the acid into the water) and then increase the strength as necessary or desired.

As far as cleaning cartridges - it will sometimes tend to seperate the two primary metals, zinc and copper, leaving blotches of copper that cannot be removed. So be careful there.

Other collectors will object to using Muriatic but there are times when it’s the only thing between a junk cartridge and one that is a little more decent looking.

JMHO as usual


You are right with your identification.They are 5,75 x 30R mm Velo dog cartridges

You can use citric acid instead of muriatic acid.I found it at the drugstore.
It is as strong as acetic acid ( vinegar) if well diluted

My comment in the original post was regarding the name “Muriatic”. This name is, I believe, an outdated/old fashioned name in the UK. It obviously survives in much of the rest of the world including here in Portugal.


If you contract my username to “belly” again I will stop your beer ration for good.


Yes Sir, Mr. Gravelbelly,

Muriatic is the common name for the acid here in the USA. It used to be hydrochloric but I haven’t seen a bottle or jug with that name in years.

Pivi mentioned acetic & vinegar. I’ve found that you can increse the effect of those by adding iodized salt. I actually prefer it to the stronger acids because the resulting patina is more “natural”.


You won’t find a bottle with “hydrochloridric acid” label in any drugstore.“Muriatic” is for very diluted acid,and that is the solution ( 35 % ) commonly sold in any shop

We use a lot of HCL ( hydroc. acid) in our laboratories and,if pure or very little diluted is very dangerous for any use but chemical experiments

any salty solution increase the power of the acid.It is a chemical process about salt and acid ions