5.7mm FN experimentals

Below is a photo of some experimental which were given (gifted) to me about 10 years ago by Jean-Paul Dennis, formerly of FN. The background story is that those are remains from his work on FN P9.0 project which resulted in development of the 5.7x28 ammo and associated FN P90 and Five-seven weapons.

L to R:
4.5mm based on .22WMR, h/s “Rem”
5.7mm based on .22WMR, h/s “Rem”
5.7x24mm frangible, h/s “5.7x2* FNB 95”
5.7x24mm ball, h/s “5.7x2* FNB 95”
commercial 5.7x28 FN for scale

I have no idea if those are genuine or not, but thought I can share this foto because of recent discussion about FN


I hope you don’t mind, I wanted a better view and ran it through Photoshop.

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I hope you don’t mind, I wanted a better view and ran it through Photoshop.

That’s ok, my photo skills are quite limited.

nice to see the first experiments on 22WMR cases
they are difficult to find pictures of these

These are some of the forerunner xpl of the caliber 5,7 x 28 P90 that I have in my collection. Some are “documented” ( measures of case and proyectil, and materials description but nothing more). The other…only diameter of ball and measure of case. The denomination of the caliber is given in ECDV by these measures, there is not more data. Therefore, my interest in contacting FN (see previous post), or someone who can provide some information

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for JJAM ,the “plastic” cases are for reduce weight ?
these are “ordinary” cases ? not combustible or expellable ?

Sorry ammogun…those are the million dollar questions: plastic cases: with sabot…tubular plastic case…semi expellable case… Sincerely I don´t have idea. I repeat, some cartridges are documented, but until now , nobody have clear : date, caliber, etc…etc ( of some of them)
Apology, are the data that I have.

JJAM, are these all 5.7mm, did you check?

Yes EOD, all projectiles have a diameter between 5,62 m/m and 5,68 m/m. I show another photo more “faithtul” of one cartridge.

Pict’s from the Woodin Lab experimental and more 5,7 cartridges



nice pictures
steel cased 5.7 and maybe one with alu case !!!

Thanks gyrojet!!!

Just amazing,

Also helps it illustrate the difficulty of documenting the collection with photos & measurements. Probably a week invested just to to this case type.

To further illustrate te point perhaps 30 years ago when Jim Richards & I were doing BRIT, I spent an whole afternoon at the lab just trying to document just the British, Cal. .50 MG color tipped rounds. Almost got done.