5.7X23 ? Need ID

I have this marked 5.7x23 and don’t remember what it is.
It has a GMCS FMJ bullet
ctg L. 32.77
case L. 23.29
head 9.72
rim 9.95
neck 6.49
bullet 6.03

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I didn’t notice the turned off headstamp until I posted it.

Hmmm… same length as an 8mm Nambu, weird.
7.62x25 necked down to .223, might be somebody making a wildcat of what became the .22 TCM out of what they had handy?
[Bullet diameter .224/5.56mm
Base diameter 0.376 in/9.6 mm
Rim diameter 0.378 in/9.6 mm
Rim thickness 0.045 in/1.1 mm
Case length 1.022 in/26.0 mm
Overall length 1.265 in/32.1 mm]

I find no data on 5.7x23, and the 5.7x28 FN is a much thinner round, between a .22 Magnum and a .22 Hornet in size.
There have been quite a few wildcat necked-down .22 cartridges over the past 15~20 years.

It’s a Czech .224 Vob designed by Petr Voboril.



And the hs is not turned off but has just a line turned into it on a lathe or stamped over the original hs.

Thanks for the replies.

The groove in an S&B headstamp is a sure sign it was a case reused by Libra.


Yup, learn something new nearly every day!

Not only Vlasta Libra used the circle bunter to re-stamp the original HS. It was requirement of Czech Proof house at one time to identify the reloaded ammo. SLS Pardubice did the same…at the beginning on berdan cases…later on boxer S&B as well as foreign manufacturer’s brass. I would guess that all these 224 VOB cases were made by people who were linked to SLS/Tormenta - both companies from Pardubice.