5,7x28 box Help!


I am looking for a long time for this box !
full or empty …who can help me!


Do you mean that style of box, or specifically a box of that SS198LF cartridge?


John I mean this red box .


I know someone that has been selling them for some time now. A sing 50 round box however I would have to ask him if he has a single for sale. I think last time I asked, he would not break up a pack. Here is the address. unammo.com/



I believe I have seen that box style at some recent gun shows. I will keep my eyes open at the next one.
Let me know if you get on in the meantime.


John if you find two boxes thats also ok !



I bought one box off of the fellow i was talking about. It is yours if you want it for my actual cost plus shipping. I sent you an email with pictures.



with your help I now have a number of boxes.

Thank you all