5,7x28 SB193 subsonic, loading was introduced 1994

The one reference I’ve found on this loading states an introduction date of 1999, but I saw an example with a white (ish) tip and

I don’t collect this caliber in a big way, because I just can’t warm up to the weapon as a true SMG, or the cartridge with the long bullet as a Pistol load, which is the thrust of my collection. With the short bullet, I do save the commercial-legal versions since it has become an auto pistol round. So, I don’t have a great collection of loads and dates. However, with the long bullet, my earliest round, either a factory dummy or simply inerted, I don’t know which, is dated 1988. The original PDW is designated M90 which I assume means Model 1990, and of course work was done on it before it was officialy adopted and named. One thing is sure - the 1998 date as the introductory date of this cartridge is flat out wrong. Among my Civilian short-bullet cartridges for the FNH Pistol my earliest date is 1997.

I have a 5.7x28 FNB 94 & 5.7x28 FNB 91
Both are fired empties, with nickel primers with purple seal.
What is the first known date of this headstamp? (1988?)

Development started in 1983/84 as a round for pistol and submachine gun. The Codename was Project 90 (P90). First round for the ballistic tests where ready in 1987, as well as the first lot of the production run.

I asked this question on another site dedicated to the 5,7x28 and was told the introduction date was in fact 1994, not 1999.

Thanks to all who replied!