5.7x28 sectioned pics?

I am wondering if anyone has some close-in pics of the 5.7x28mm bullets sectioned?

CanAm–Here are five 5.7x28 sectioned.






Very nice work, Ron. But surely the SS190 is the standard steel-cored ball round?

Tony–It does not show up very well in the scan, but the SS190 does have a hardened penetrator in the nose in front of the aluminum core.


OK, thanks. I didn’t realise that it still had an aluminium core.

Thanks guys.

It seems interesting to be that there is no lead envelope around the steel core to hold it in place. It seems like it would be a difficult process to ensure the jacket is held to dimension during final forming.

Does anyone have any info on the “polymer coating” used on the brass?

Since it seems photo links aren’t working.

Ron’s photos from above:

Edit: Images fixed.