i was given 2 cartridges last week, both are 5.7x28. 1 has a hollow point bullet with green primer seal with 5.7x28 @ 12, fnb @ 7 and 05 @ 5. the other 5.7x28,fnb, 00 with a deep red primer seal and a magnetic blk tipped bullet. both have 3 stake primers. what are they? used bywhat and whom? i find nothing in my books.

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Hi Khege,

you have a Armour Piercing round (the one with the black tip), especially made for the U.S.A. In fact this is the same round as a SS190 ball, but because of the iron core in the U.S.A. it is marked as a AP.

The other one is a T194 practice round (green bullet tip and open tipped bullet)

both rounds are used in the FN P90 personal defence weapon (and also fits in the FN FiveseveN pistol)

for more info on weapons and other variations of 5.7mm ammo just have a look here.

hope this helps…


It may not matter, but in the case of the round originally asked about on this thread, with “open-tipped” bullet and green primer seal, there is no mention of it having a green tip. I have samples of both the round with HP bullet and green primer seal (no green tip) and the one with the HP bullet having a green tip. These both may be the T194 practice round that Sir Joost mentions, I simply don’t know. I do know that Hollow Point rounds without the green tip have been sold commercially in the U.S., although it seems that the plastic-tip rounds are more in favor now.

Dear John,

You are right I was reading to quick and misread the green primer with a green bullettip. a open tipped bullet without a tip collor is either a T192 or a SS195 LF, (lead free) depending on the type of primer…

yours Joost

thanks to all for the responses…geeeze guess i need to ask for pretty colored ones now (?).


a lousy photo I use for inventory control…but you get the “picture”