5.7x28mm Black Dragon Fang

I know Matt Collins had a topic on this cartridge a month or two ago, but can’t seem to find it.
I got in some inventory today and wanted to share the pictures I took…
The projectile is 34 grains and not attracted to a magnet, appears to be copper/brass alloy.
Very interesting projectile.
I’ll let Matt add more if he wishes.

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Can’t remember if it was a post in the forum, or an Industry News clip from a few years ago. The solid copper projectile is coated in black oxide and may come from the same place that was making projectiles for Elite Ammunition. Whether that was Lehigh Defense, Cutting Edge, Barnes Precision Machine, or Maker Bullets - I never did find out, but somebody contract manufactures them for Vanguard.

Obsidian Black Fangs function like the T3 series of solid copper projectiles from Elite Ammo. With both Lehigh and Cutting edge getting into manufacturing solid copper .22 bullets and with the new Ruger 5.7 coming out, the solids manufacturers might offer a retail listing for something 5.7 related soon.

V57 by Vanguard Outfitters. I just found your post, but pictures are gone?

Yeah, that post was like most that predate 2016 in that the photos were linked from Photobucket which basically imploded a couple years ago and ruined half the stored photo reference data on U.S.forums and amateur websites.

One of several videos on the subject on You tube.

Got you Matt. I did not notice that old. I just notice you post a month or so ago.
also, Sportclay, thanks for the video
from Vanguard site below:
"Legends claim the Obsidian Dragon could render any foe low with a single bite. Warriors of lore skilled and fortunate to defeat one, coveted its fangs to fashion weapons like no other.

This ammunition is manufactured by us utilizing new brass and the highest caliber components. In this cartridge, the bullet is a 34 gr custom made solid copper alloy lathed projectile. It has patented drive-bands. It is composed of a proprietary copper alloy tempered to ensure hard-hitting penetration but also promote momentum transfer to soft tissues, organs, and bones. This round tends to crush bones and disrupt organs. This round does not just sail through tissue leaving a small hole. It is specifically engineered and designed for the 5.7x28 to achieve the highest accuracy with the bore/groove/twist specifications for this caliber. Independent testing conducted by Viper Weapons of Texas for government agencies shows our 5.7x28 rounds to be among the highest performing rounds available on the market. You have no doubt seen the videos on Youtube, so you know what the Blackfang will go through. If the Blackfang being harder copper alloy would further its performance, we would make it harder. Our EXP and FRAG projectiles, by example, are Rockwell 54 which facilitates their performance."