5.7x28mm white/black tip - subsonic AP?


I was just looking on the FN Herstal website and I noticed that some of their literature (pdf about 5.7 duty ammo) showed a photo of a bullet with a white & black tip. I’ve never seen this before and I wondered if anyone else has? I know they make a white tip that is subsonic, and the black tip is AP. Would this be a combination of the two? The literature does not indicate this and it just refers to it as AP with the same description as the original black tip load:



Here, fnherstal.com/index.php?id=267 FN refers to the SS190 as “Ball” and it is shown with a plain tip. Perhaps the tip colors are added per the purchasing agency’s request or for a particular market?



That true Dave, I suppose the end user could have purple tip if they wanted to. I have the plain tip version, and the black tip version of the SS190. There’s also a version of the L191 APT load with just a red tip. This black/white tip is shown on a document coming straight from the FN Herstal website, which is why I thought it strange they would choose a seemingly unknown tip coloration for their official literature