5.7x32.4 Spitfire?


It measures 5.7x32.7. Is it 5.7x32.4 MMJ Spitfire from .30 M1 Case? Strange primer crimp.


Yes, that is a Johnson Spitfire 5.7 mm
I have a Plainfield M1 Carbine that was factory built in the Johnson Spitfire chambering.
My RCBS die set produces cases that look just like that from stock 30 Carbine brass.
Overall case length is not real critical on the Johnson Spitfire case, as it head spaces on the shoulder, not the case mouth as the 30 Carbine does.
I can not speak to the primer crimp on that WRA 30 Carbine case.


Vlad, I have some WRA 44 with that kind of stab crimp. Cheers, Bruce.


That is a normal primer crimp for WRA 52 Carbine ammunition. I have two specimens in my collection from Winchester 1952 and both have it. One has a case cannelure, which is not really normal on US Carbine ammunition, but I don’t know the reason for the cannelure off hand.