5,7x40R ? - rare 5,6 x 40R Tesching

Just found another one i cannot place.
I think not loaded.

Bullet dia ; 5,68mm - .223"
Neck dia ; 6.39mm - .251"
Shoulder dia ; about 10mm - .393" (hard to know where to measure)
Base dia ; 10.95mm - .431"
Rim dia ; 12.53mm - .493"
Neck L ; 7.15mm - .281"
Case L ; 39.96mm - 1.573"
Cartridge L ; 48.6mm - 1.913"

Best, Pascal

There’s a 5,6 x 40R Tesching listed in the 1900 RWS / Unterdoerffer catalog, although ( 'till know) no specimen was known

Anyway dimensions of your round match those of the 5,6 x 40R.

Pivi, Measurements are close to the one you mention only for rim diameter. 5.6x40R Tesching shows a rim of 13mm and appears to have a different shoulder position, rim on my spec is 12.5mm.

Pascal, Pivi is correct, this is a 5.6x40R RP Tesching (T1 in ESC).

What I can tell you is that the c1900 RWS/Utendoerffer catalog displays these as having 11mm head and 13mm rim diameters but the factory drawings show that these were actually 10.95/12.65mm respectively. Measured examples of RP rim diameters are generally c12.6m.

You can’t always trust the catalogs.

A very scarce cartridge, another of these ‘surfaced’ just recently.

This leaves the 7.5x36R RP Tesching (T4) as the only one of the 10 cartridge RP series not confirmed as existing (so far) .

WBD, i had my doubts.
Great,another one to cross out from the list.
Thank you both for the help.

Best, Pascal