5.8 x 42 mm Chinese headstamp ID

I bought a chinese toy made with 5.8 mm cases and dummy rounds yestarday. I dismantled it and found these headstamps:

61 08
61 09
71 98
71 00
71 04

and the unknown one with rounded rim and a “I” at 3 and 9 o’clock. Could someone ID this headstamp?

PS: cases from 61 factory are copper washed steel, the ones from 71 factory were laquered ( I didn’t remove the laquer, they were as you can see in the picture, bare steel with laquered neck/shoulder.



Also a 71 08 found

Very nice find!

Could you show that one please?

The partially “laquered cases” certainly got the laquere removed in order to be bale to solder the cases.
The one with the “rounded head” is a draw piece.

it is the one in the middle in the second picture. At 3 and 9 o’clock it has two " I " symbols

I pulled the bullet of the “draw piece” dummy. There is only the jacket, no core. I wonder if this dummy was assembled by the factory

Ah, now I got it. This is a case that missed the head forming operation (and the hs forming) and got processed further in a normal way and was taken out by the QA.
The two “I” are tool marks and no hs then.

A production failure in combination with being undiscovered till the case was receiving it’s finish. Very unusual!

I think tese are not assembled by the ammunition manufacturer but by people/companies buying these items at a scrap dealer and assembling them into toys and key chains etc.

Yes, these models have nothing to do with the ammo factories themselves. I have seen a few unfinished 5.8 cases on some of the models.