5.8x21 chinese pistol cartidge

I just found a 5.8 x21 chinese pistol ctg with a white plastic bullet loaded in it. does any one else have one or have a picture showing a white plastic bullet in a 5.8x21 case?


I think I recall seeing a pic of some with black plastic or rubber bullets, but not white.

Russ, a white plastic bullet does exist on a 5.8x42 blank cartridge but I haven’t heard of a 5.8x21 blank before.

Fede, it is possible that this is a 5.8x42 blank bullet loaded into a 5.8x21 case. the 5.2x21 with white plastic bullet came from one of the toy bullet tanks.


An image might help a lot here.

Pivi was saying in this thread http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=13468 that based on measurements it did seem that bullets were being mismatched between the pistol and rifle 5.8 cartridges, seemingly to facilitate symmetry and construction of the toy models, so a rifle blank projectile is likely.