5.8x21, S&B 9mm High Performance, Libra Snail


Chinese 5.8x21mm key chain, S&B 9mm High Performance projectile, and Libra Snail projectlie from another key chain.

5.8mm was filled with white plastic beads

This last pic is comparing the S&B 9mm High Performance (on left) to a Norma 9mm Index 211 (middle) and a M/39B cutaway plus full cartridge (right). wolfgang


Thanks buddy! Is the 5.8’s lower core material lead or aluminum? I had assumed it was lead. Also, interesting to see how much thinner the inner steel cap of the S&B load is compared to the M/39B, but it has penetrative abilities very similar to that of the M/39B. It actually looks very similar to the Danish “med-stalkappe” version.


How do you identify an S&B High Performance round once it is out of the box?


I had them ahead of time as bullets & cases only and received them knowing what they were before I sent them to be cut (great job on the cut!).

They either have a black tip, or the export version (like this one) has an all-black primer, with no tip color. The bullet weight is 108gr.


In what way does the S&B high performance round demonstrate its high performance? I’d guess penetration, maybe in body armor, but I don’t know.


“High Performance” is just their name for it, which is a poor name choice if you ask me, since the abbreviation which even they use is “HP” which is usually understood to mean hollow point. The High Performance is apparently in terms of penetration only, and it behaves just like the M/39B when impacting Kevlar or steel.


The 5.8 has a little tiny lead bottom. If it wasn’t for the other projectiles in the pic, it would look like any other larger caliber. Its so small! The lead in the S&B seemed softer than usual, is this possible?
Glad your happy, they look better in person.


Where can you get these 5.8mm key chains ?


Now that’s just what I was wanting to ask as well!


Send an email or PM to Dave Sutton (Natodave). He is currently in China and might be able to get one/some.


Have been getting a lot of questions about others obtaining a 5.8x21. Best chance is to ask DKConfiguartion as these are his, should have mentioned that, sorry. Hopefully he takes better pics than I did and reposts. He went on to say that these are rare and expensive, and had 1 each for cutting. Only keychains and dummies have shown up on the collectors market. Might be cheaper to just go to China for vacation!


If you want one, and can’t get ahold of Dave, send me a PM and I will get one for you.


I have been wondering what kind of metal the Snail key-chain bullet is ever since I first received it, and now seeing the complete section and having received the pieces back, I think it is “Aluminum bronze”. The bullet has a faint attraction to a very strong magnet, and this combined with the color led me to believe it was one of the types of Aluminum Bronze that has a bit of iron in it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminium_bronze A type of aluminum bronze is what the Australian & New Zealand $1 and $2 coins are made out of apparently, as well as the Canadian $2 coin’s outer ring.


Here is a higher resolution pic of the same 5.8x21 section:

I have only seen one other pic of another sectioned 5.8x21 and it was lower resolution. The thing I find interesting is that the bullet was seated slightly deeper, and the base of the bullet also had a more curved shape. I wonder if they are actually different in terms of that base shape, or if it’s just the depth of cut?


I have a few duplicate 5.8mm pistol and rifle cartridges (key chains) for trade or sale. Please PM or e-mail me if interested.