5,8x21mm DAP92 casings without primers

Are these worth anything to collectors?
A friend has a bunch of these soldered together, bought as a cheap souvenir “tank” in Turkey.

I can get a look at the headstamps tonight, probably pictures too.
They don’t look fired. Berdan primer holes.

  • Ole

It all depends on the headstamps. Some of these have shown up as fired cases and key chain dummies. I have not seen a loaded round, myself. If the headstamps are something different, than they certainly will be of interest to collectors, including me.

You mention they are soldered together. They are probably either in the form of a toy of some sort, or were originally. Toy airplanes, tanks, etc. have been seen in China (and a few in Western countries) made completely from empty cartridge cases of various calibers. About all we have seen in America of the new Chinese stuff are keychains. I have a few of those, and I have one 5.8 fired case, in my own collection.

You’re right, John, they’re made into the shape of a tank, as a toy kind of thing. I was a bit unclear in my first post.
The “tank”'s gun was made out of 5,8x42 casings, but those are long gone, sadly.
I’ll be sure to get the headstamps.

  • Ole

A couple of years ago I bought one of these toys made of 5.8 x 42 cases soldered together. There were some 5.8 x 21 bullets too ( but I can’t have them since they are AP, so illegal for italian laws).

Cases can be separated by hand and the solder leftovers can be eliminated with a cutter. They are usually laquered too, with a gold colour.


Posted both in this and the linked thread-
HS was 74 08.

  • Ole

Ole - I have two of the keychain dummies in 5.8 x 21, one single and one in a boxed set. They have very different bullet seating depths. The single is 74 03 and the one in the little presentation box of about 5 different caliber Keychain dummies is 74 10.

I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot the QSZ-92 and QSW-06 pistols chambered in 5.8x21mm. I was impressed by their accuracy despite them being “range guns”. The QSZ-92 was handled well and was pleasant to shoot in 5.8mm, less so in 9mm. The QSW-06 was suppressed and not surprisingly was front-end heavy. Unfortunately picking up spent cases is forbidden (the range is a shooters heaven and a cartridge collectors hell!), but I did get to see the fired cases on the bench in front of me. A significant number had split necks and cracked case heads with primers totally missing. I’m surprised that the pistols functioned as wee as they did.