5.8×21mm DCV05 subsonic cartridge case

DAP92(left)and DCV05(right)

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Magnum, thanks a lot for these images!

So the Boxer primed case is exclusively for subsonic loads?

BTW, this is the first “71” made 5.8x21 I see.

EOD - I have a “71 06” in my own collection - a fired case. I have yet to have seen a loaded round in this case type, the closest one being a key chain (“74 03”) that has a correct bullet in it. I also have a FC “11 01” which is Berdan primed. My “71 06” is boxer primed, so that may just be the standard for that particular factory. I have no way to know what loading it was. The only bullet I have seen for this caliber is the long, pointed one.

It could be an illusion, but the shoulder of the cartridges in the picture posted above do not seem to be the same, the one on the right being slightly lower? Just manufacturing specs or the chamber they were fired in?

Since both are empty cases, how does one determine, if the case-type is the same, which is DAP92 and which is DCV05. Do the two use different bullets? Are those the correct cartridge designations, or the designations of the Pistols they are used in?

John Moss

John Moss

John, thanks for the “71 06” this is a nice extension of the date range.

To my understanding the subsonic 5.8x21 has a different proj.

Just looked it up and found this image in my files (from the web).
The cartridges to the right are suspected to be subsonic loads but here I hope Magnum or Sheng can clarify and provide designations or info.