5.8×42mm brass blank case


Magnum, thank you for this great reference!
Are these for sniper rifles now?

Could you maybe share some headstamp images of regular brass cases with us?

I don’t known which gun uses this kind of blank yet.

And here is the headstamp of regular brass case,the primer has three crimps.

Magnum, geat info, thanks!
If you’ll find out what the blank was made for please let us know. Most interesting subject!

I can’t find 5.8x48mm in my data base and library, does any one else have more information on this caliber or is it a wildcat ???

5.8x42 is the Chinese standard caliber for more than 3 decades.

Slipped my memory Thanks for the info.
I guess I missed that one. Not many in the USA :-)

Actually the CWS cases are pretty common since so many came on the jet/cannon/tank models. However, I have only seen one BRS example, with a black bullet, that now resides in my collection. Mine looks exactly like the example Magnum showed.

Brown lacquered steel cases also exist. I have a fired example.

So far there are:
Steel, copper clad
Steel, green laquer
Steel, brown laquer